Rites of Love & Math

A film by Reine Graves & Edward Frenkel

Homage to the film “Rite of Love and Death” (a.k.a. “Yukoku”) by Yukio Mishima

With Edward Frenkel and Kayshonne Insixieng May

26 minutes, in HD color with 5.1 surround sound

“… a stunning short film… offers an unusual romantic vision of mathematicians.”

(Le Monde)

“The clean red, white and black color scheme, the simplicity, the staging… the music… all lend themselves to the symmetry, logic and metaphor of math while also breaking through the barriers of conventional cinema… vibrant and captivating, bringing abstraction to life… a truly enthralling and resonating film.”

(San Francisco Examiner)

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The Two-Body Problem

A screenplay by Thomas Farber & Edward Frenkel

In mathematics, a “two-body problem” is about the trajectories of two objects interacting only with each other (a star and a planet, for example). This kind of problem has a simple mathematical solution. Not so for two human bodies, however — two lovers, or two friends — as we learn from this story about the limits of art or math, those realms of perfection.

In a beach town in the South of France, a writer and a mathematician happen to meet, start trading stories about bachelor life, relationships, loves lost. Encountering several young women as the day passes, they banter with them about art and mathematics, playfully, passionately — seductively. The two men also begin to see both what bonds them and the ways in which they may greatly differ. That evening, the two men and the women met earlier are partying when a surprising guest shows up, and tensions apparent earlier reach an unexpected conclusion.

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Love & Math

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